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Problems with Motorcycle Frames.

Any deviation of the rear wheel from the frame centre line creates a steering bias. Unacceptable tolerances and accumulative errors in manufacturing and assembly guarantee many motorcycle front and rear wheels are mis-aligned to the frame centre-line and the swinging-arm axis is not square to the frame centre-line or the steering head axis. 

When riding a motorcycle with a mis-aligned rear wheel the front wheel has to be steered at an angle away from the frame centre-line to compensate for the steering effect from the rear wheel. The self centering effect of the front wheel trail applies a continous bias to one side of the front tyre trying to bring the front wheel back into alignment with the frame centre-line. The continuous fluctuating forces create instability and unpredictable steering.

To check motorcycle frame/chassis alignment at Parallel Engineering a known horizontal datum is used in the form of an engineers surface table. The frame centre-line and steering head axis are positioned parallel to the table from which the swinging-arm axis is checked for square. At the same time the rear wheel rim is positioned parallel to the surface table and then the rear wheel centre-line checked for alignment to the frame centre-line.

Rather than assume everything is as the designer intended it makes sense to accurately check relationships between critical components.

Working to tolerances of within +/- 0.002" out of square axes and wheel centre-lines are corrected to the frame centre-line. All work is life-time guaranteed.  

Problems with Frames


Solutions for Motorcycle Frames.

The following steps are required to establish complete alignment.

  • Steering head axis and swingarm axis are checked for square in two planes.
  • Swingarm axis is checked for parallel to the rear wheel axis.
  • Rear wheel is centred to frame centre line.
  • Fork stanchions and yokes are checked for parallel.
  • Front wheel centred to frame centre line.

On assembly, front and rear wheel centres and axes are now inline and square with the frame centre line and steering axis.

Simon Ratcliff B.Eng (Hons).

Parallel Engineering.


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