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Customer Comments

"The bike steers beautifully and accurately. It holds it's line excellently and changes direction quickly and terms of handling it is the best it's ever been. Overall I'm really delighted with the end result. I'd suggest that your re-alignment service should be the first thing any one should do who intends to ride their motorcycle."
Sean Mulloy, Norton Commando 750 Fastback

"Sorry for the delayed response, but wanted a few rides before making any judgement on your improvements. Slow speed vibrations have all but gone and the engine stays smooth right through the rev range to 6,000 plus, making for a very enjoyable ride. Corner entry is very stable, with no weaving on tipping-in. Mid-corner, getting more lean angle....... but bike remains stable. Corner exit, hard on gas, all good. When braking to the point of locking the front wheel  the bike stays nicely composed, letting me get on with tipping the bike into the corner. The biggest improvement is through fast, sweeping bends - especially downhill on bumpy B-roads. It gives far more confidence as it all remains stable and in-line allowing me to carry greater speed". 
Trev Johnson, Modified Norton Commando 750 Fastback

"First road test completed, 'Transformed', you said and transformed is what I've got! The bike steers and corners so differently that had I not done the build work myself I would not have believed it to be the same machine........first impressions are really good. The biggest immediate thing is I do not feel I am fighting the bike all the time. If only they had all left the factory like this maybe there would have been a few more years in the Norton name in the seventies. Many thanks for your work, the Wow! is confirmed". 
Dave Foote, Norton Commando 850 Mk2A



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